Fashion is determined by popular culture, and in today’s resource driven world, more and more people are seeking style and couture by looking outside the box of mass produced materials made from non-renewable sources to ones of an ecologically friendly and sustainable practicality. Wood watches are a perfect example, as craftsmen are able to create works of art from re-purposed woods, saving precious resources and helping to keep our planet green.

Sustainable Responsibility
The focus is on providing quality timepieces to fashion conscious owners while maintaining a balance in the eco system. Many watch makers, such as WeWOOD, maintain an environmentally sound business practice by nurturing the resources of the planet as well as renewing them by initiating tree planting programs as part of their sustainable corporate culture. Traditional plans incorporate sales levels to planting programs, with one tree planted for each watch sold. This not only improves the environment, but also passes a sense of responsibility on to the watches owner, letting them know they have done something for the planet in selecting a finely crafted fashion accessory and time piece.

Fine Craftsmanship
Wooden watches are either finely machined, or created by hand to offer a rare glimpse into the unique elements inherent in the wood. Each timepiece is independently beautiful from the next due to the nature of working with natural materials, and the characteristics of each watch has an opportunity to showcase its individuality, much like its owner. Fine grains are highlighted through skilled stain applications and wood restoratives, the protected with oils and finishes while offering an attractive glow.

Watches are also created with the owner’s unique physiognomy in mind, with bands crafted to be simply adjustable to the size and shape of an owner’s wrist. Band sections are easily added or removed for comfort with readily available tools, so many wood watch companies will offer guidance and instructions on fitting to make the timepiece a pleasure to wear. Many craftsman also make available additional band sections, for time when a section becomes marred and needs replacing, or a larger wrist might require more length.

Inner Workings
Wood watch craftsman spend quality time in designing not only the exterior of the timepieces they create, but also on selecting the precise inner workings for each watch. Weight variables and operations are critical to a well run timepiece, and finding the right solution to each design is important to crafting a worthy wooden watch.