Making a statement these days is on every fashionista’s mind, but appearances can be deceiving. A Rolex may look fantastic, but the prestige of ownership was based once on having quality. Now knock off copy cats are about to devalue the status symbol of big brand names. To truly be fashionable and spark interest in your accessories, look no further than WeWOOD watches, a distinct and sharp timepiece for him or her. WeWOOD not only speaks of quality, but of ecological responsibility as well.

WeWOOD Watches

The time piece was developed by two savvy watch admirers with grave concerns about ecological concerns. Metal watches were becoming gangling and devoid of character while non-renewable resources were pumped into the manufacturing process. WeWOOD watch exteriors are crafted mostly from repurposed wood to encase state-of-the art Miyota precision movements. This melding of technology and a back-to-the-land approach to resources brings out a marriage of style and practicality. The attractive architecture of WeWOOD watches fits the lifestyle of the environmentally aware as well as the fashionable.

 The first design arrived in Florence in 2010 with a style drawn from the newstalgia movement in fashion with an awareness and focus on ecological responsibility. The watch was seen as fresh approach to fashionable sustainability, offering precision works and attractive appeal.  Taking its fashionable appeal across the ocean, a WeWOOD boutique was opened in Los Angeles that very same year, bringing conservation couture to the forefront of the personal design world.

Sustaining the Ecology, One Watch at a Time

Soon after the LA opening, WeWOOD partnered with environmental partners ‘American Forests’ and ‘Trees for the Future’ to begin an active and meaningful restoration of the American forest lands destroyed by years of conservation delinquent non-sustainable resource mining. WeWOOD has self-dictated that for every watch purchased, the company would plant a tree to restore vitality to the environment.

Since 2011, over 300,000 trees have been planted by the company, re-introducing balance to the earth with life supplying fresh air. The company has plans to pick up more challenging projects in the future, understanding their critical role in the stewardship of the planet. With the one tree, one watch approach, customers can feel they themselves have done a small part in restoring balance to the forests by simply wearing the reminder on their wrist.