Finding Your Perfect Timepiece for the Perfect Event

Fashion is falling in line with environmental concerns, and wooden watches are leading the way. Crafted from repurposed lumber, a statement watch can be living a second life after being reclaimed from exotic hardwoods found in furniture, shipping materials, or even flooring. Not only does this act as an environmentally friendly solution, but it keeps productions costs down so watch owners can feel good about owning several different accessories to fit their fashion needs.

Wooden Watches for Every Occasion

Looking at men’s fashions, the gamut of designs available is there to suit any needs any man may have. Stylish designs mingle with practicality for everyday timepieces, where large and practical watches can be used on the job or around the home. A more formal presentation might be required for nights out on the town, where unique designs allow the owner to showcase their own style and dashing charm. These are mirrored in the choice of timepiece wear.

If the day calls for a more athletic venture, wooden watches come with durable and weight reducing models to afford the man wearing it a worry free and hassle free experience. Though not water proof, wooden watches will resist water accumulation, and should the finish begin to wear thin, a simple application of provided conditioner may be in order. A few minutes of maintenance attention, and the watch is as good as new.

Women’s Wood Watch Choices

For every day wear, a practical and stylishly design wooden watch will work well with a wide variety of clothing styles. Loose sleeves worn about the office showcase the watch’s charm, while natural colors blend well with any make up choices. Styles vary as well, and there is a watch available for every unique pairing of workwear.

Evening dress may find a woman seeking a thinner and more petite offering for her wrist accessory, with a wide range of color density to match her outfit. Sleeveless gowns offer a wonderful opportunity to display thin and darker colored timepieces, while longer sleeved dresses can accommodate a slightly thicker and more prominent design.

No matter the situation, wooden watches do a wonderful job of sharing the unique attributes of their owners, as each watch is as different from another as snowflakes. Natural wood grains and reactions with stains and sealants in the wood allow owners to express themselves any way they wish.