Credit: Juan Guevara

Photo Credit: Juan Guevara 

WeWOOD, American Forests and the U.S. Forest Service are reforesting more than 160 acres of Los Angeles National Forest with big cone Douglas-fir and gray pine to aid in watershed and native plant restoration following the Powerhouse Fire of 2013.

Planting will cover the entire 160 acres of deforested area. Planting can be done with volunteers, but ensuring higher survival rates requires either a planting contract and/or watering of the trees. Approximately 100 acres will require some sort of site preparation because of competing vegetation. The burned area helped prevent soil erosion in the watershed, so replacing lost trees is crucial.

As the project area is very close to a dense population center, the new trees will play an integral role in water and air quality maintenance, as well as providing recreational benefits. The Powerhouse Fire damaged several recreational structures as well as forested areas, maintaining the natural area is crucial to the surrounding residents wishing to find nature outside of an urban center. Because the L.A. region experiences high smog levels, the newly planted large stands of trees will help achieve a semblance of air quality and help mitigate the arid temperatures of the area, greatly improving the watershed.