Precision detail and high end movements

Nothing says style like a wooden watch, each piece unique in its presentation through delicate grains and subtle changes in coloring. Each is carefully crafted to bring out the beauty of the wood, and is designed to showcase the owner’s sense of unique style and taste. Wooden time pieces have come a long way from grandpa’s shop crafted wall clocks, developing in elegance and appearance to the high fashion items known today.

Sustainable Materials

Wooden watches are often crafted from re-purposed woods with an ecological responsibility almost necessary in these resource decimating times. The material for each piece is painstakingly selected for the properties inherent in the wood, bypassing a need to harvest new timber for its creation. Trees initially harvested for furniture, shipping needs, and a variety of other purposes can find a new life as finely crafted fashion accessories for the environmentally conscious and ecologically aware.

Craftsmanship of Wooden Watches

Whether machined or crafted by hand, wooden watches are made of the finest woods available in order to highlight the dazzling natural elements inherent in the wood. Grains are carefully identified to ensure the strongest manufacture possible, and high quality sealants and gloss polishes applied to bring out and protect that beauty.

Wooden watch inner workings are carefully selected to match the weight and operation of each heirloom timepiece, bringing reliable functionality and quality that most will never see. These are the hallmarks of a quality watch, and advancements in production practices have allowed craftsmen to showcase their skill and level of creativity with each piece they create.

Metal Parts of Wooden Watches

In order to complete a worthy timepiece, as much wood as possible is placed into a design, but safety, functionality, and practicality dictate a certain level of traditional metals be infused in each project. Inner workings are nearly all metal components, with structural support of the bands having a requirement for metal pin screws as well in most cases. Customers drawn to not only the attractive nature of wooden watches but also from a place of metal and skin sensitivity are recommended to consult their physicians for any potential effects, though skin contact in rather nil due to the placement of metal parts.

Watch backings are often constructed of wood as well, and link pins within the bands have no cause to reach skin contact. Each watch will rest on your wrist as a highly polished wooden timepiece, allowing for years of enjoyment with care and attention.