Making a Unique Statement With an Heirloom Wooden Timepiece

Fashions change, but savvy couture followers know that looking well with style and class depends on accessorizing with timeless pieces. Wooden watches are the rage now, with the movement away from shoddy one-time-use-only mentalities giving way to heirloom quality wrist wear. Even the retro-movement that has swept through fashion by passed the re emergence of digital Seikos and the like, instead opting for modernized fashions of wooden watches.

Wooden Watches Make a Statement

With a classy presentation as well as practical effect, wooden watches offer owners the ability to showcase their own unique attributes with style. No two wooden watches will be identical, driving the intrigue one receives when wearing one as a fashion statement. Through special treatment of the material during crafting, grains and subtle differences in the wood shine through to share the special qualities inherent in each piece.

Accessorizing with Wooden Watches

The main considerations to make when choosing what watch to accessorize with which dress or outfit falls under two main concerns. The first is overall statement made by the size of the watch. Men have more leg room to adjust sizing in the larger sense without going overboard, of course, while women’s fashions dictate a smaller watch face.

Men’s fashion statements are realized in comparison to wrist size. A broad and thick wrist can offer more room to wear larger wooden watches in diameter but with minimal girth, while a think wrist can carry a smaller face size and thicker body depth.

For women, a petite wrist can be accented with a thinner and small-faced design, while a healthy wrist can enjoy a broader face in relative sizes making the watch more practical.

Color Matching with Wooden Watches

Here you may wish to experiment, as each watch presentation is different in varying lighting conditions. While wearing lighter colors in the spring and summer, choose a watch that is a slightly darker that your most prominent clothing color. A good visualization for this is if you are wearing summer whites, you wouldn’t choose a black shoe to accentuate. It is the same for watches. It should stand out as a unique attribute, but not be so glaring as to draw away from the rest of the outfit.

The same goes for the opposite, where darker clothes should be offset with a slightly lighter color of wrist wear.