The restoration efforts continue at the Los Padres Conifer Forest after the devastating fires of 2006, 2007 and 2008 that displaced many niche ecosystems. The 1,000 Trees that we donated from your WE-Wood purchases are being planted throughout the restoration site. The 2007 wild fires at the Los Padres Conifer Forest raged for four months, burning 240,000 acres of forest. The tragedy of forest fires associated with the loss of these trees is erosion, loss of vegetation, loss of population diversity and mudslides. Issues associated with erosion go far beyond the forest –run off caused by erosion flow in to local bodies of water, killing seaweed and fish –furthering population diversity decline. The planting of new trees in the area will help to rebuild the ecosystems –trees are a natural habitat for wildlife, they also fight erosion and reduce air pollution. 

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