Taking vacations during spring and summer can be hard on our environment. Printing boarding passes, disposable bottles and trays for every meal takes a toll on paper resources. Hotel stays and transportation can expand the carbon footprint a little more than anyone would want or expect.  This no longer has to be the circumstance –Sweden recently opened their first-in-kind stunning mirror-walled Tree House Hotel, set in the pristine forests of Northern Sweden.  The Microcube is a prefabricated cube accessed via a ladder that runs straight up from the ground into the heart of the unit. The Mirrorcube is completely encased in mirrored walls that reflect the surrounding forest, allowing the structure to blend into the environment. The residents cannot even drive up to the cube, they must walk a natural tree-filled road to their latter. From the location, to the lifestyle offered by the hosts,  this Tree Hotel is completely sustainable!


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