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  • Accessorizing with Wooden Watches

    Tuesday Jun 10 2014

    Making a Unique Statement With an Heirloom Wooden Timepiece

    Fashions change, but savvy couture followers know that looking well with style and class depends on accessorizing with timeless pieces. Wooden watches are the rage now, with the movement away from shoddy one-time-use-only mentalities giving way to heirloom quality wrist wear. Even the retro-movement that has swept through fashion by passed the re emergence of digital Seikos and the like, instead opting for modernized fashions of wooden watches.

    Wooden Watches Make a Statement

    With a classy presentation as well as practical effect, wooden watches offer owners the...

  • Moon Crystal Black

    Friday May 30 2014

    Bright, beautiful, mysterious & ever-changing: The Moon Crystal Black wooden watch. Meet the newest member of the WeWOOD family- now available in our online store.
  • The Beauty & Grace of Nature

    Friday May 16 2014

    "Let your life lightly dance on the edges of Time like dew on the tip of a leaf." -Rabindranath Tagore
  • Moon Crystal Beige & Moon Crystal Chocolate

    Friday May 16 2014

    One new, sparkling style- two beautiful woods to choose from. The Moon Crystal wooden watch in Beige or Chocolate is now available in our online store. This wood watch is the perfect gift for her.
  • The Belle Beige & Belle Chocolate

    Friday May 09 2014

    One style- two colors- four different looks- only $99. Introducing the new Belle wooden watch from WeWOOD- now available in Chocolate or Beige in our online store. Includes authentic Swarovski crystals & two different cloth sashes with each style.
  • Oh, The Places You'll Go!

    Tuesday May 06 2014

    At WeWOOD, we believe the world is a beautiful place to respect, enjoy and share with others. We love to see photos of you traveling with your WeWOOD watch! If you hashtag #WeWOOD on Instagram, you could end up on our fan page. Where will you take your WeWOOD?
  • Sacred Geometree

    Saturday May 03 2014

    This beautiful tree takes root in an intricate pattern.
  • Wooden Watches for Every Occasion

    Thursday Apr 24 2014

    Finding Your Perfect Timepiece for the Perfect Event

    Fashion is falling in line with environmental concerns, and wooden watches are leading the way. Crafted from repurposed lumber, a statement watch can be living a second life after being reclaimed from exotic hardwoods found in furniture, shipping materials, or even flooring. Not only does this act as an environmentally friendly solution, but it keeps productions costs down so watch owners can feel good about owning several different accessories to fit their fashion needs.

    Wooden Watches for Every Occasion

    Looking at men’s...

  • The Moon Deneb Beige & Moon Deneb Chocolate

    Friday Apr 11 2014

    The Moon Deneb Beige & Moon Deneb Chocolate have arrived! Genuine Swarovski Crystals add just a touch of sparkle to this natural wooden watch. Now available in our online store.