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  • From Our Friends at Educate Nica

    Tuesday Apr 01 2014

    An awesome thank you from our friend Hellen at Educate Nica. Educate Nica is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children living in poverty gain a successful education. By working with strong local partners, they provide education focused aid to students in Nicaragua.
  • Perfect WeWOOD Pairings

    Friday Mar 28 2014

    Here are some awesome pairing ideas for your WeWOOD wood watch from our friends at Bloke Apparel! 

  • WeWOOD - Best+Brightest Video

    Tuesday Mar 25 2014

    Explore the story behind WeWOOD wooden watches with our CEO in this Best+Brightest video. 

  • The Alpha by WeWOOD

    Monday Mar 24 2014

    The Alpha model is one of the newest additions to our wooden watch collection. This larger faced watch is available in three wood colors; Army (Verawood), Black (African Blackwood) and Chocolate (Indian Rosewood).

    Take a look at our Alpha collection here.

  • What are your favorite wood products? a wood watch!

    Friday Mar 21 2014

    Style Society Guy Blog compiled a few of their favorite wood/wood grain products, including a couple of WeWOOD wooden watches! Take a look at the entire list here

  • When Wood Meets Nature

    Wednesday Mar 19 2014

    WeWOOD's wooden watches are made of 100% natural wood without using any chemicals or treatments. Our Moon Beige & Date Teak watches really show off our earthy tones.

    All of our beige colored watches are made from Maple wood. This dirty blonde colored wood is often used in smoke houses and in culinary arts. It's also used to create many musical instruments like the violin and the guitar.

    Our Teak watches are made of reclaimed Teak wood. This strong, caramel colored wood has a less finished feel emphasizing its natural roots. The...
  • The New Roman Chocolate

    Tuesday Oct 22 2013

    Our new Roman Chocolate is here! Our newest wooden watch is made made of Indian Rosewood and features classic roman numerals. You can view it here

  • New Aludra Brown - Just In Time For Fall

    Friday Oct 11 2013

    Just in time for Fall, our Aludra Brown wooden watch is here for a limited time! Made of Red Wing Celtis wood, the rich brown tones make this watch the perfect fall accessory. Take a look at it in our store here.

  • The New Deneb Chocolate

    Friday Sep 20 2013

    Give some pizzazz to your wardrobe with our new Deneb Chocolate wooden watch that is only available for a limited time!

    Click here to see the watch in our store

  • The New WeWOOD Venus Beige

    Saturday Sep 14 2013

    We're introducing a limited quantity of 20 WeWOOD Venus Beige watches! This wrapped wooden watch is beautifully crafted and as always we'll plant one tree for every watch sold!

  • Introducing the Venus Chocolate

    Tuesday Sep 10 2013

    Introducing the Venus Chocolate - this new wrap around watch is only available for a limited time!
  • WeWOOD's New Kale Chocolate-White

    Friday Sep 06 2013

    We're releasing another new style for a limited time! There are just 20 of this brand new WeWOOD Kale Chocolate-White available!

  • Guerrilla Artist Creates Eye-Catching Pieces of Art

    Saturday Aug 31 2013

    A mysterious guerrilla artist has been leaving eye-catching tree carvings in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire. Beautiful works of art!

  • Not Your Typical Driftwood...

    Friday Aug 30 2013

    Bet you haven't seen driftwood this big! A large tree washed up near Washington state's Olympic National Park. For a size comparison, the woman pictured is 6 feet tall!

  • How "wood" you like to live in one of these beautiful homes?

    Tuesday Aug 27 2013

    These beautiful forest properties will definitely take your breath away! We came across this gallery and  here.

  • Happy Friday!

    Friday Aug 23 2013

    The weekend is almost here! Here at WeWOOD we like to think about all of the beautiful places our world has to offer. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?



  • 15 Craziest Things in Nature You Won't Believe

    Thursday Aug 22 2013

    Check out this list of the 15 craziest things in nature you won't believe are real!

  • World's Most Beautiful Trees

    Wednesday Aug 21 2013

    Trees are by far one of the most beautiful parts of our planet, and that's why we strive to replenish the world one tree at a time. Not only is this pictured Sequoia tree HUGE but it is also over 750 years old! View more from this gallery we found featuring some of the world's most beautiful trees. 

    Click here to view the rest of the gallery

  • Which wood watch is your favorite?

    Monday Aug 19 2013

    The Metis and Moon wood watches are just two of many styles that come in the beautiful beige maple wood. 

  • New Style Alert!

    Monday Aug 19 2013

    Sophisticated yet trendy, check out our newest wood watch addition. The Metis Black is made with 100% natural Blackwood.