This Fall marks the North American debut of an Italian watch that both Trendsetters and conservative style-types alike can appreciate... Meet WeWOOD: A unique timepiece, both in design and its feather-light weight, WeWOOD sets itself apart with its nod towards renewable resources as well as its pledge to plant a tree for every watch sold. One Watch. One Tree. One Step at a Time.
Los Angeles, CA, September 07, 2010 --( Meet WeWOOD:

A WeWOOD watch is both a fashion accessory and a statement. WeWOOD is made of beautifully carved, silky-smooth organic wood. Available in two very unique styles, both resembling the designs of mainstream luxury watches (designs that usually can only be found in watches made from metals of the platinum/white/yellow gold(s), titanium, silver, copper and stainless steel variety).

The watches come in four types of wood; Maple, black Ebony, a brown "Red Wing Celtis" wood (which is salvaged wood from flooring material waste), and an army green "Guaiaco" wood from South America that is most known for its use in herbal remedies.

Having emerged out of Florence, Italy earlier this year, WEWOOD is already being hailed as an avant-garde approach to stylish sustainability. Despite being a trendy timepiece, it still raises the question of just exactly how "eco-friendly" can a watch made from wood truly be? Apparently, very. In an effort to minimize its carbon and environmental "footprint," WeWOOD boasts 100% organic materials and is completely free of toxic chemicals.

So Why Wood? For starters, wood is recyclable, biodegradable, and can last for centuries. When it is no longer needed, it can be returned to Earth. Since processing wood requires smaller amounts of fossil fuels than processing other materials, such as steel and concrete, it releases much less CO2. Wood also retains its ability to bind CO2 even after being used in homes and buildings, and in WeWOOD's case, fashion accessories. Add that to the fact that for every tree used, ten more are planted in its place and you've got the science behind The WeWOOD Way.

Restoring Nature – One Watch at a Time.

Forests provide us -not only with beauty- but with shelter for wildlife, plus more oxygen and cleaner water, two elements crucial to the survival of all living things.

WeWOOD understands this planet is our only home and that we need to take better care of it. Which is why WeWOOD is proud to be part of the renewable resources movement. And why WeWOOD has committed to protecting our environment by pledging a portion of all proceeds to go towards the global reforestation of native trees in their damaged ecosystems. The formula is simple, yet effective: for every WeWOOD purchased – a tree is planted.

All of these things and more have come together to make WeWOOD so unique, also happen to aim towards a specific purpose; to help establish a healthier mindset and understanding of our environment, something WeWOOD likes to call The Age of Sexy Sustainability.

That being said, WeWOOD realizes the only way to really understand why the watch is so special is to experience it for yourself. So WeWOOD encourages both skeptics and fans to 'Feel The Wood. WeWOOD.'

WeWOOD is now available at select US retailers.